Today is Monday, 13 June 2016.

As I moved within a matter of months of my 70th birthday, I found myself more or less pushed into starting a second blog.  Read the page below, then return here and click Geriatric Musings to enter the new blog.


From my first blog:

RACING AGAIN which, at this time, has had  more than 35,000 hits.

Opening Post

It’s the 2nd December 2010 and I’ve finally made a move towards creating a website.  I’ve chosen Blogger as an easy (and free) means of getting started – although I don’t properly understand what I’m doing yet!  While I experiment with the nuances of using Blogger and build my knowledge of frames and publishing at least I can  start to put the information out there.

Under ‘PAGES TO VIEW’, in the list to the left, I’ve placed two pages which explain the purpose of the coming posts and expand my running profile.  The second page is a ‘Work in Progress’ which I will return to in order to complete.  As I find my way round Blogger I will add more pages and links as well as posts.

The early content of my profile will probably raise fond memories among the vets, while the remaining content will explain why I stopped improving and lost focus.  While I continue to add to the blog I hope you find something of interest.  I welcome comment that may lead to a more interesting blog.


That blog was designed to relate exclusively to my running and cycling experiences but has developed into a diary of any of my energetic activities (or lack of them) with a summary of how I am doing heading each weekly post (published Sunday evenings).

Contrary to being a diary, this new blog has no schedule and exists, by intent, as a vehicle for me to share random experiences and perhaps air my thoughts with an occasional rant!  Subject matter may range anywhere from, say, my impressions of a visit to an attraction, through descriptions of walks with my wife Margaret, dog Ruby or fellow geriatric friends, to anything unusual, amusing, interesting or just plain annoying that may happen in my life.

Some of the hits to my other blog are from regular visitors and, although it is now running primarily for my own benefit as a training diary, I hope that it continues to inspire or encourage others to start, keep on or resume running into old age, despite what life throws at them!  By contrast, I would like this blog to be more interactive.  I have opened up the comments, to enable them to be posted without the requirement to sign-in or register, so that some inspiration for my future posts may be drawn from comments.

Going forward, if the blog is received well and, because the random nature of the blog could lead to long gaps between posts, I will look at the practicalities of setting up email or RSS feeds so that, rather than opening the blog to find that nothing has happened since the last visit, signed up visitors can be notified when I publish a new post.



add another page.

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