On Saturday 2 April 2016, I had just started out on a journey to Manchester but, while talking to my son Mark, I drove past the junction that links from the M65 to the M61.  After realising and saying to Mark that “We need to go back to the . . “, we spotted this car!

Back to the Future DeLorean

We left at the next junction and returned via a roundabout to the opposite carriageway, whilst the other car carried on towards Blackburn / Burnley.

To see a DeLorean out on the road is an extreme rarity.  To see a DeLorean in full ‘Back to the Future’ livery must be even more rare.

Later, in the Manchester Phones4U Arena, as we watched Dynamo perform a ‘Back to the Future’ themed illusion we were unaware was part of the act, a DeLorean appeared on stage!!


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